solution to the problem of RAM

July 29, 2010

Some problems might be caused by dust, dirt, or oxidation on your RAM sticks. Fortunately, computers are easy to clean. Before opening your computer, always turn off all power to it, and touch an earthed metal object to remove any static electricity in your body to prevent a static spark from damaging components. You may even want to use a special anti-static wrist strap, which you will find in any good electronics  store, along with the air duster you’ll need later.

Open up your computer and locate the RAM sticks on your motherboard- check the manual for your motherboard if you are unsure (if you don’t have a manual, note the make and model which are printed on the motherboard, you should be able to get the manual from the manufacturer’s website). There are usually only one or two RAM sticks, but there might be up to four.

Remove the RAM sticks by gently but firmly pressing down the levers on either end of the RAM slot. Note which slots you are removing the sticks from, as you’ll need to replace them later. Once the RAM is out, place it on a clean, non-metallic surface and use the air duster to remove any dust from the RAM stick and the RAM slots on the motherboard (you may want to take this opportunity to remove the dust from inside your computer in general!).

Check the metal contacts along the bottom of the RAM stick. If they appear tarnished, you can clean them by gently and carefully rubbing them with a pencil eraser. Once they are clean, replace them by carefully pressing the RAM down into the correct slots until the levers at each end are fully in place.Good luck 🙂


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